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Financial Consultancy

Maanu Venture is a Pakistani financial consultancy firm focused on serving individuals and institutions in the financial field. We promise our clients the accomplishment of professional results by creating strong working partnerships with them to identify and figure their requirements.

The cornerstone of our company relies on the selection of our personnel. Our experts whose prime target is to help clients find solutions, allow our firm to deliver a high quality and efficient service.

In MV, We follow a client-focused approach that consists of a dedication from our team to put the right efforts to best serve our clients and a willingness to work in close cooperation that leads to the transfer of knowledge to our clients and to achieve better results.

Our objective is not only the successful completion of projects but we also strive to building up a strong engagement towards our customers.

Our commitment involves efficiency and integrity. We aim to deliver reliable projects and reports and to provide our customers with effective and accurate results.

MV is subject to the Pakistani laws and professional regulations of the country. The financial and audit work within MV are also carried in line with International Professional Standards and with the GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) in order to ascertain constant delivery of quality services within professional fixed norms and business guidelines.

The range of areas of expertise covered by MV are related to Financial Advisory, Credit and financing advisory, Business plan and feasibility studies, IT guidance & governance, Audit guidance & legal consultancy, Mergers & acquisitions and Real estate appraising & sales consultancy.

We provide a wide spectrum of services in many industries from which: Agriculture, Hotel and Restaurant, Real Estate, Retail, IT, Manufacturing, Services, TV Productions, F&B and Health Care and Hospitals etc…

And as the American consultant Peter Block defines it, a consultant is "someone who has influence over an individual, group, or organization, but who has no direct authority to implement changes." More specifically a financial consultant should have certain personality characteristics beside professional knowledge that permits him to meet the required criterion and to impose himself in the specialized fields. And this is how we work on our team skills and what we communicate in MV.

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